Caiwa machine's precautions
Sep 18, 2018

1. It must be adjusted to start the hydraulic system under manual working conditions.

2. The upper die is raised to the upper limit position, the frame is raised to the upper limit position, and the lower die table is out of the forward limit position.

3. Manually close the upper and lower molds, including the frame, loosen the tightening bolts of the upper mold and the frame, the upper mold lifting platform rises to the rising limit, the frame lifting frame rises to the rising limit, and the upper mold and the frame are left on the lower mold. Keep the mold clamping state.

4. When the lower mold table is retracted to the back limit, the original mold can be taken away, and the all-paid mold to be replaced is placed on the lower mold table.

5. The lower mold table advances to the forward limit position, and the position is initially adjusted. The upper mold is slowly lowered, carefully adjusted, and aligned with the upper and lower molds and the frame fixing hole positions, respectively. Adjust the proximity switch position of the upper and lower limits of the frame to adjust the upper and lower positions of the upper mold. Lift the upper mold and the border. Check the mold filter. How to break should be replaced.

6. Adjust the height of the dosing machine and the feeding position to the applicable position and lock.

7. Adjust the relative height of the pallet frame and the upper mold to the proper position, that is, ensure that there is a gap of 0.5~1mm between the product and the pallet to fix the screw.

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