Classification of concrete slitting machines
Sep 18, 2018

According to the weight: according to the weight of the slitting machine itself, it can be divided into three types of heavy-duty, medium-sized and light-cutting machines. The slitting machine used in pavement construction in China is mainly medium-sized, and its power source is mostly electric motor or diesel engine. The ultra-light slitting machine is used in the construction of high-grade pavement. It uses hydraulic technology. There is almost no research in this area in China, and the technical requirements are too high and the development is slow. The ultra-small slitting machine has broad development prospects.

Due to the strength of the concrete pavement (the ability to resist plastic deformation), the hardness (the ability to resist the entry of harder objects into the interior), and the stiffness (the ability to resist elastic deformation) have a great relationship with the age of the pavement, the hardness is proportional to the age. Relationship, the weight of the slitting machine required for road cutting at different ages is also different. According to the hardness of the road surface, choose a suitable slitting machine.

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