Introduction of stone engraving machine
Sep 18, 2018

1. Z-axis original back-type triangular structure installation technology, the triangular structure of the guide rail greatly reduces the resonance generated by the Z-axis, improves the service life of the guide rail slider, and improves the engraving precision.

2, The original imported high-precision square guide rail, double-row four-row slider, the screw uses Taiwan precision grinding grade ball screw, high precision, accurate undercut, fully guarantee the speed and accuracy of the machine tool, large bearing capacity, stable operation, High precision and long life

3. The bed and gantry are welded seamlessly with steel structure, and the whole machine is treated at high temperature and aging, and the steel is strong and does not deform. The parts such as the pulley are made of industrial castings, which have stable performance, no deformation and long service life. Z-axis hanging plate adopts casting parts, professional anti-resonance design.

4. The spindle adopts domestic high-quality water-cooled variable frequency spindle, which can be stepless speed regulation, 0~24000rpm/min, large torque, good heat dissipation and maintenance-free. The spindle frequency conversion system adopts Bestech high-performance frequency converter, with stable performance and fast speed. The level is adjustable and it is strong against electric wave interference.

5, The system compatibility is good, compatible with Artcam, Type3, Coreldraw, Wentai and other CAD, CAM design and production software, can control the multi-level surface 3D processing, can carry out fast and smooth three-dimensional processing.

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