Introduction to automatic pavers
Sep 18, 2018

The automatic paver is a construction equipment mainly used for paving various materials on the base and the surface of the expressway. The machine is based on the full hydraulic drive, driving and transmission materials, all independent driving, microcomputer constant speed control, digital control ultrasonic control, double vibrating and pulse vibration compaction, electric heating, etc. Advanced technology, with the advantages of stable paving speed, automatic steering, uniform feeding and feeding, high pre-compacting compactness, good paving smoothness and simple and convenient operation.

Especially in the electronic control technology, the CAN bus technology is adopted to realize multi-CPU and multi-task real-time control. The wireless/wired communication technology is adopted to realize remote online detection. The single-chip technology is used to realize the airborne human-computer interaction and electronic file. management. This machine is ideal for paving foundation stabilizers and pavement asphalt concrete. In order to improve the paving quality, the machine can enter the unmanned state, which is especially necessary when making paving operations. This feature fully demonstrates its "robot" features. The technology adopted by the automatic paver belongs to the cutting-edge technology of engineering machinery in the world today, and will promote the construction of high-grade roads in China.

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