Introduction to edge processor
Sep 18, 2018

In the spiral submerged arc welded pipe production process, the strip edge processing is an indispensable process, and the quality of the processing directly affects the quality of the welded pipe forming and welding, thereby affecting the production efficiency. With the increasing demand for high-grade steel, large wall thickness and large-diameter steel pipes, it has promoted the rapid development and long-term progress of China's pipe manufacturing industry. At the same time, it has put forward higher standards and requirements for steel pipe manufacturing, but in ensuring quality. At the same time, it is necessary to consider the manufacturing cost, so it is imperative to improve and improve the strip edge processing technology. With the improvement of the rolling technology of China's large steel enterprises, it provides favorable conditions for the implementation of the strip edge processing technology of milling and shearing.

The main advantages of the milling process are: 1. Improve the accuracy of the strip width to ensure the geometrical dimensions of the welded pipe; 2. Improve the edge processing quality and ensure the stability of the welded pipe quality; 3. Process the appropriate welding groove and increase the welding speed In order to improve the operating rate of the unit; 4. Improve the utilization rate of the strip, reduce the material consumption, and increase the economic benefits.

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