Operating procedure for the detonator
Sep 18, 2018

1. The repairer of the blaster must undergo technical training and be on the job with valid documents. He is familiar with the "Safety Regulations for Coal Mines", "Quality Standards for Maintenance of Mechanical and Electrical Equipment in Coal Mines", "Good Standards for Mechanical and Electrical Equipment in Coal Mines" and Relevant Standards and Regulations for Explosion Protection. .

2. Examine the explosive device that needs to be repaired in this class and record the fault condition. Regularly test the performance parameters of the detonator, and master the structural performance and repair process of the detonator.

3. When repairing the detonator, firstly discharge the capacitor completely, and then repair or replace the parts.

4. The parts to be replaced shall meet the requirements of the Quality Standard for Maintenance of Mechanical and Electrical Equipment in Coal Mines.

5. Test the insulation resistance of the equipment and dry the equipment that is damp.

6. It is strictly forbidden to short the two terminals. So as not to damage electrical components and equipment.

7. After the overhaul, the blaster must be tested for rushing energy and discharge time.

8. The repaired explosive device shall comply with the relevant standards and regulations for the “Integrity Standards for Coal Mine Electromechanical Equipment” and the explosion protection of electrical equipment. Fill in the repair records carefully.

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