The characteristics of the terrazzo machine
Sep 18, 2018

1. Suitable for terrazzo, marble floor tiles, the size of the brick is controlled within the range of 300-600MM.

2. The equipment adopts the work station, multiple sets of grinding heads, automatic conversion station, automatic grinding, feeding, grouping and grinding step by step, and can complete all the work of rough, medium, fine and polishing at one time.

3. The operation is simple and convenient. It only needs one person to operate, ensuring the loading and unloading of the floor tiles, stable performance, safe and reliable.

4. The surface is smooth and comparable to marble.

5. The degree of automation is high, and the savings on labor, power, labor intensity, site and cost are obvious.

6. One-time quality requirements, high production efficiency, can help the grinding stone brick industry to achieve two key production capacity and economic benefits leap.

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