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Features Of The Terrazzo Brick Machine
Sep 18, 2018

1. This machine adopts 6 working stations and 5 grinding discs of 1-5. The conversion station, the grinding wheel rotation, the water supply, etc. are all automated. It can complete all the work of rough, medium, fine grinding and polishing in one time.

2. Due to the high degree of automation of the machine, the savings on labor, power, labor intensity, site and cost are obvious.

3. The machine has advanced design, ingenious structure, high quality, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

4. This machine can continuously produce around the clock, and can produce up to 350 square meters of grindstone bricks per day. The monthly production capacity is over 10,000 square meters.

5. Because the machine adopts 5 grinding heads of No.1-5, it meets the quality requirements at one time, and its production efficiency is high, which is equivalent to 15 manual terrazzo machines. According to the daily production of 300 square meters, the light labor wage is reduced by half compared with the manual grinding stone, so it is not difficult to see that the machine can help the grinding stone brick industry achieve two major key production capacity and economic benefits.

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