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Introduction Of Terrazzo Floor Tile Machine
Sep 18, 2018

Terrazzo floor tile machine This machine can produce various types of terrazzo floor tiles, artificial stone, etc. (300×300, 400×400, 500×500, 600×600, 700×700, 800×800 (mm) by replacing the grinding tools. The thickness can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the products of the whole body material can be produced, and the products of the two kinds of split materials can be produced, and the products combining the bottom layer and the surface layer can bring more economic benefits to the user. The products of ×300 and 400×400 (mm) are two pieces produced in one mold. The machine can also produce a variety of roofing materials - cement concrete tiles by replacing the molds. It is also a model of two products. It is a giant equipment in building materials and equipment, and a large number of champion equipment.

Grinding stone floor tile machine combines the essence of similar products at home and abroad with machine, electricity, liquid and gas control. Man-machine interface control, self-test fault function is complete, top-level device configuration, compact structure, stable and reliable performance. The terrazzo floor tile machine is used for the manufacture of cement floor tiles. It is naturally and self-contained with cement and various colors. After surface treatment, it can be compared with natural stone. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration of municipal engineering, gardens, colleges, factories, mines, building decoration, and villas and houses.

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