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Main Features Of Terrazzo Tile Machine
Nov 23, 2018

Characteristics Of Cement Tile Machine

1. The tile machine has rapid molding speed, large production, PLC programmable controller, automatic control, man-machine interface, more reliable performance. Easy to operate. Full hydraulic pneumatic, production speed up to 6-8 pieces/minute, high yield, more cost-effective, the finished terrazzo tiles have very good quality and very strong. 

2. The product is perfect in structure, with many varieties, high density, high strength and precise size. It can meet the needs of all kinds of buildings and is a fine product of concrete. And terrazzo tiles have no need to burn, it has no pollution to the environment, it is more and more popular in many construction projects. 

3.The cement tile machine has multi-purpose. This machine can produce various kinds of main tile, ridge tile, edge tile, drainage tile, etc., and also produce various kinds of high-grade color floor tile, such as terrazzo tile, polishing shot blasting floor tile, washing floor tile, etc.

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