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New Category Of Terrazzo Bricks
Sep 18, 2018

Difference 1: the manufacturing process of terrazzo floor tiles is very simple, the pores will be exposed after the surface is worn, resulting in a decrease in the smoothness; while the surface of the floor tiles is treated by sealing glaze, the waterproof effect is better, and the dirty water is not easy to infiltrate. luster.

Difference 2: the manufacturing process of terrazzo floor tiles is relatively simple, so the cost is much lower than that of ordinary floor tiles, and the natural price is lower than ordinary floor tiles.

Difference 3: the color and style of the terrazzo floor tile is relatively simple. It is not as rich as the ordinary floor tile. The effect of the installation is naturally not as good as that of the ordinary floor tile.

Difference 4: In terms of both wear resistance and dirt resistance, terrazzo floor tiles are superior and easier to manage.

Difference 5: In terms of service life, the service life of ordinary floor tiles is longer than that of terrazzo floor tiles. Because the terrazzo floor tiles will be stained after a long time, it looks very ugly and has to be replaced.

Difference 6: terrazzo floor tiles are more troublesome than ordinary floor tiles during construction, and there is no ordinary floor tile to be so beautiful and top grade after paving.

Difference 7: The stability of the terrazzo floor tile is better. It does not appear to be cracked, arched, shrunk, deformed, warped, etc. after being used for a long time.

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