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Operating Procedures For Terrazzo Machines
Sep 18, 2018

(1) Operators must wear rubber boots and wear insulated gloves.

(2) The terrazzo machine should be ground when the concrete reaches 70% to 80% of the design strength.

(3) Before the operation, check and confirm that the joints are fastened, and work only when the shovel is used to lightly rub the grindstone to produce a crack-free and crisp sound.

(4) For electrical wiring, a weather-resistant insulated four-core flexible cable must be used. The switch should be operated with a push button switch and mounted on the handle of the stone grinder. The cable should be erected off the ground and should not be placed on the ground. The cable should be free from damage and the protection grounding is good.

(5) The handle of the terrazzo machine must be insulated, the line should be protected by zero, the contact point must be no less than two places, and the leakage protector should be installed (the leakage current should not exceed 15mA, and the action time should be less than 0.1s).

(6) After turning on the power and water source, press the handle to remove the grinding disc from the ground and start the motor. It should be checked that the direction of rotation of the grinding disc is the same as the direction indicated by the arrow. After the operation is normal, slowly lower the grinding disc to carry out the work.

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